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Moving Well, Part 4: Back to Basics


Working our way up from the foot, through the knee and hip, we now get to one of the most common sources of pain: the low back. Upwards of 60-70% of people experience low back pain at some point in their life. In the United States we spend more money each year treating back and neck pain than we do on combating cancer. The good news is that research is proving that the most effective treatment for back pain is exercise and getting physical therapy before other interventions such as an MRI, pain medications, or injections can save you on average $3000 and often prevent surgery.

Moving Well, Part 3: We’re Joined at the Hip


We’ve worked our way up from the foot and ankle to the knee, and now we will explore the hip as a source of potential pain or injury. Like the foot, dysfunction in the hip can contribute to pain anywhere in the lower extremities or low back.  Many of us tend to favor one side […]

Moving Well, Part 2: I Go Weak in the Knees


It’s a few weeks into the New Year, and the numbers at the gyms are rapidly declining. For many, the craziness of life has pulled them away from their New Year’s resolutions. But for others pain and injury has caused them to stop an exercise program. In our last blog we discussed how limited foot mobility can be the cause of injury. Today we will discuss one of the most common sites of pain: the knee.