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Moving Well, Part 7: Take a Breath


We’ve moved up the chain from the foot to the neck discussing common causes of pain to each joint, and now we discuss an often overlooked aspect of health: breathing. How you breathe can contribute to pain or injury. The act of taking air in and pushing it out is automatic, but the pattern we use to breathe is a habit. Because our society has become more sedentary, many people have begun to use accessory or emergency breathing muscles during every day breathing. This altered pattern can trigger pain a few different ways.

Moving Well, Part 5: A Pain in the Neck


“Sit up straight.” “Stop slumping.” “Sitting is the new smoking.” We’ve all heard the cautions against poor posture and sitting too much.  It seems pretty cut and dry: bad posture and prolonged sitting must be the cause of increasing neck pain and headache prevalence in this country. However, the research does not support this. Sitting […]

Moving Well, Part 4: Back to Basics


Working our way up from the foot, through the knee and hip, we now get to one of the most common sources of pain: the low back. Upwards of 60-70% of people experience low back pain at some point in their life. In the United States we spend more money each year treating back and neck pain than we do on combating cancer. The good news is that research is proving that the most effective treatment for back pain is exercise and getting physical therapy before other interventions such as an MRI, pain medications, or injections can save you on average $3000 and often prevent surgery.