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Moving Well, Part 1: It Starts with the Feet


The gym is packed with the New Year, but a few weeks in the numbers drop down drastically. For many, pain or injury prevents them reaching their New Year’s goal. Moving and exercise are always good, but sometimes if we aren’t moving well, this increase in activity can cause pain. The list of movement compensations that can cause pain is long, but let’s first focus on the foot as a potential source of the problem.

Running, Part 2: Run Faster Not Harder


When it comes to preventing running injuries, the quality of your technique is just as important as proper basic mobility. Over the past several years foot strike patterns have become a hot topic in the running world. Heel striking has become synonymous with injury, but no evidence has ever clearly backed up that theory. There is no one strike […]

Running, Part 1: Move Right to Run Right


Running has become a very popular form of exercise. It requires no more than a pair of shoes and comes with a multitude of health benefits. Running is associated with improved mood, improved overall health and fitness, and improved joint health. Unfortunately, many associate running with knee arthritis and as being “ hard on the knees”. However, […]