Physical Therapy for Childhood Constipation


Did you know that constipation occurs in at least 12% of children? Childhood constipation accounts for as many as 30% of visits to pediatric gastroenterologists as well as 3% of visits to general pediatric clinics. Childhood constipation is common occurrence and can be successfully treated and prevented using a multidisciplinary approach that includes specialized pelvic […]

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Demystifying Encopresis: Soiling Accidents in Children


Potty-training can be a difficult process not only for children but also parents. Oftentimes children have bowel movements or fecal “accidents” in places other than the toilet. Sometimes these accidents are interpreted as a child being “too lazy” or “behavioral” when in fact the child could actually have a condition known as encopresis.

The Importance of Physical Therapy Post Back Surgery


Deciding on whether or not to get a spinal surgery can be a daunting task. If all conservative measures have failed and you are living with debilitating pain, then choosing surgery is perhaps your best option. Hopefully you have given physical therapy a chance before deciding to get the surgery!