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Total Knee Replacement

Chuck is a retired man in his early 70’s. He has had progressively worsening left knee pain for 6 months that was preventing him from participating in home and recreational activities. He has young grandchildren that he was unable to play with due to his knee pain, and his golf game was on hold. Chuck underwent a left total knee replacement so that he could return to normal activities.

After surgery, he stayed in the hospital for 4 days where he had daily physical therapy and then went to a rehab facility for 10 days for continued treatment. He then came to Restorations Physical Therapy. His gait and balance were impaired, and he had lower extremity swelling from the surgery. We began with range of motion and strengthening exercises. We worked with Chuck 3 times a week to reduce swelling, increase strength and range of motion in his left knee, and to re-teach him how to walk correctly. He was also given a home exercise program to supplement his program at the clinic.

Over the next 4 months at Restorations PT, Chuck performed progressive resistance exercises and challenged his balance with exercises on uneven surfaces. He began to negotiate the stairs reciprocally, and squatting was added to his program. Chuck eventually achieved full range of motion in his left knee, and his strength was remarkably increased. He is able to kneel and stand without knee pain. He began playing golf 3 months into his rehab and is now able to play with his grandchildren without left knee pain.

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