Belly, Bottom, and Back-sided Pain in Children


One of the hardest parts of parenting is seeing your child in pain. Pain is treated many different ways and, depending on the cause, physical therapy is often recommended to assist with pain reduction. Today I want to inform our readers about pain conditions experienced by children that may be improved or resolved with physical therapy services.

Physical Therapy for Bedwetting and Other Urinary/Fecal Accidents


Bedwetting as well as urinary and fecal accidents is not an illness! Daytime/night time wetting can be considered more of a normal variation of bladder control rather than a diseased state. According to the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS), “treatment is not only justified but mandatory.” This is where pediatric pelvic physical therapy comes in. […]

Physical Therapy for Childhood Constipation


Did you know that constipation occurs in at least 12% of children? Childhood constipation accounts for as many as 30% of visits to pediatric gastroenterologists as well as 3% of visits to general pediatric clinics. Childhood constipation is common occurrence and can be successfully treated and prevented using a multidisciplinary approach that includes specialized pelvic […]