A program that improves your quality of life while living with Parkinson's.

Female physical therapist working on woman's forearm

LSVT BIG® is an innovative treatment developed by LSVT Global to address the detriment to movement caused by Parkinson’s Disease where a person’s movements become smaller and slower. Activities of daily life are amplified and repeated in this specific protocol. One-on-one treatment in the clinic combined with at-home practice has been shown to improve a person’s speed, balance and overall size of movements.

Restorations Physical Therapy’s LSVT certified clinician, Nicole Vogini, DPT, offers this treatment to people living with Parkinson’s. It involves four one-hour sessions per week over the course of four weeks (+ an evaluation, so seventeen sessions total). After the course of treatment is complete, home exercises are crucial to maintain the progress made. This program can really improve the quality of life for a person with Parkinson’s, along with medication and a regular exercise regimen. Please contact us with questions or to schedule your appointment.

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