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Pelvic Floor PT for Prostatitis


While pelvic floor physical therapy is becoming more well-known, there still is a lack of public awareness of pelvic floor physical therapy for men. This post will touch briefly on pelvic floor physical dysfunction specifically related to prostatitis and pelvic floor physical therapy for men.

The Importance of Physical Therapy Post Back Surgery


Deciding on whether or not to get a spinal surgery can be a daunting task. If all conservative measures have failed and you are living with debilitating pain, then choosing surgery is perhaps your best option. Hopefully you have given physical therapy a chance before deciding to get the surgery!

The All-important Home Exercise Program


How important is it to do your Home Exercise Program? You’ve made it to physical therapy.  You decided to enlist the help of a therapist to recover from injury or surgery, or deal with chronic pain that’s been nagging you for years.  You’ve made the first step by coming into our office for treatment, but […]