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Moving Well, Part 3: We’re Joined at the Hip


We’ve worked our way up from the foot and ankle to the knee, and now we will explore the hip as a source of potential pain or injury. Like the foot, dysfunction in the hip can contribute to pain anywhere in the lower extremities or low back.  Many of us tend to favor one side […]

Running, Part 1: Move Right to Run Right


Running has become a very popular form of exercise. It requires no more than a pair of shoes and comes with a multitude of health benefits. Running is associated with improved mood, improved overall health and fitness, and improved joint health. Unfortunately, many associate running with knee arthritis and as being “ hard on the knees”. However, […]

Stretching the Limits: Joint Stability in Dancers & Gymnasts


The physical demands placed on dancers and gymnasts are unique from any other type of athlete. Like other athletes, the hours of training and practice can make an individual susceptible to many types of overuse injuries, but the great amount of flexibility and movement of the joints that is required is often a more common source of injury.